Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little egg update and some new videos.

We gotten a total of 15 eggs so far, with yesterday's total of 3 being the most in a day so far. I'm sure the heat isn't helping the others start with their egg production. Despite it still being 95º this evening, Sarah and I spent a little time outside with the chickens as they free-ranged. Oh, and I got a screen door added to the coop on Sunday so I can give the coop a little more ventilation during the day, since 100º is in the forecast this week.

Mr. Cogburn thinks he's the King Cock.

Sarah taking it easy as the chickens feed around her.


  1. Oh my, your rooster is gorgeous! (and loud!) haha

  2. Thanks. Yes, can't wait until we have nice enough weather to have the windows open. Not!